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What People are Saying About Us

What People Are Saying About the Webinars

"If there is one thing you should do that is to watch the online webinars ..."

You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much advice to gain. The webinars answered all my questions to allow me to make a decision on going limited beyond reasonable doubt.

Daniel Barnes - Narrative Creative Ltd, London

"The webinars were extremely useful ..."

They saved me hours of research time, helping me to make an informed decision. The webinars were worth the time and effort to watch. I highly recommend these contractor accountants.

Harjit Padda - Clic Consulting Ltd, London

Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions
  1. I am about to start a new contract. How do I get started with accounting and tax?
  2. What things should I be thinking about in terms of accounting and taxation?
  3. What is the general process of maintaining a contractor limited company?
  4. Should I use an accountant/accounting service or could I do it all myself?
  5. How do I pay myself from my limited company?
  6. How can I achieve the best possible "take home pay" through my limited company?

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Tell Me More About This OFFER?

IR35 is a piece of legislation that has been implemented by HMRC to ascertain whether contractors, freelancers and self-employed people are truly in business in their own right OR whether they are just ‘disguised employees’ exploiting tax loopholes.

There are several steps a contractor should take to ensure the risk of being caught under IR35 is mitigated. One of these steps is to ensure an IR35 compliant contract is in place. Whether you are contracting through an agency or directly with a client, having the right contract in place is essential.

For all new prospects who sign up to any one of our 3 packages before the EXPIRY DATE shown, we will provide a FREE IR35 contract assessment conducted by qualified IR35 legal specialists QDOS Insurance.

Further details are provided once you sign up to our services.