The Aidhan Accountancy Referral Scheme

Get Yourself Amazon Vouchers Up To The Value Of £225 For Your Contractor Ltd Co Business (as a token of our appreciation)

The Aidhan Accountancy referral scheme

How Does the Referral Scheme Work?

If you refer at least 3 new clients to our service, we will issue you with Amazon vouchers up to the value of £225. For each successful referral here's what you will receive:

1st Referral

1st referral = £50


2nd Referral

2nd referral = £75


3rd Referral

3rd referral = £100


Total Referrals

Total referrals (1st + 2nd + 3rd) = £225

You can then redeem the vouchers for something of the equivalent value from Amazon.


  1. Do I have to refer 3 new clients?

    Not at all. The referral scheme is designed to help you earn up to £225 of Amazon vouchers (or equivalent) as so you can redeem them for something of the equivalent value. If you only refer 1 client, we will still send you a £50 voucher and if you do 2 then an additional £75 voucher for you to redeem or use as you please at any time.

  2. What if I do not want Amazon vouchers?

    If you would prefer an alternative provider then we can provide the equivalent type and amount of vouchers upon request.

  3. Is there a time limit on referring up to 3 clients?

    There is no time limit. If you refer 3 new clients in a year then you will get to your £225 target in this time period. You can take 2 months, 3 years, it’s completely down to you.

  4. What happens if I cease to become a client of Aidhan Accountancy myself?

    That’s no problem at all. If, for example you have earned £125 of vouchers whilst you are a client of Aidhan Accountancy and then cease use of our services, (for good reasons of course!) you can still refer new clients to us as a non-client yourself and earn the third £100 voucher to get you to your equivalent target of £225.

  5. What happens if I refer more than 3 clients?

    That would be great and in this case we will move you onto our “POWER REFERRER” scheme whereby the incentive and objective is to provide you with FREE accounting services in eventuality.

  6. What happens if my referral does not become a client?

    For anyone you refer they must become a client of ours on one of our monthly package deals for a minimum of 3 months for the first and second referral vouchers to be issued, and a minimum of 6 months for the third referral voucher to be issued.

3 Steps Away From Getting Yourself Amazon Vouchers ...

Simply fill in the form below to start referring clients to Aidhan Accountancy.

Terms & Conditions

  • The referred person must sign up to one of our three Ltd Co packages (Essential, Gold Plus or Platinum) for a minimum of three months for the first and second vouchers to be issued and a minimum of 6 months for the third voucher
  • Any redeemable vouchers will be sent out to the referrer separately

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